Tour de Yorkshire

11223653_10153262537307272_1807843232924931560_nI’m probably a bit bias but I love Yorkshire and everything about it, so I was mighty excited when I learnt that, following the success of Yorkshire in providing a scenic backdrop to the Grand Départ in the 2014 Tour de France, it would be holding its very own race, the appropriately titled Tour de Yorkshire, in 2015.

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The Whitby Deli

11150910_10153263797827272_8466640744742561566_nAfter visiting the abbey or maybe taking a boat trip, if you ask someone who is familiar with it what you should do if you’re visiting Whitby they’ll likely reel off a lengthy list of places you absolutely must eat!

Whitby is a town of fine eateries. From fish and chip shops and Italian restaurants to quaint tea rooms and traditional pubs there’s a bit of everything, but on a recent visit I was rather taken by the pretty cool Whitby Deli, which offers something a bit different.

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Little Things: Walk Alone


I like being alone. I like being with people too, but being alone is very liberating – not having to worry about other people, pretending the music on your iPod is the soundtrack to your life, organising your thoughts…

I recently found myself with a few hours to spare and spent them wandering aimlessly. I didn’t exactly know where I was, but I wasn’t lost either. I struggle with living in the moment but when, for once, there’s nowhere to be and nothing to do, a walk alone is the perfect way to sort your head, get everything in perspective, and take note of the little things.

Coffee Table Collections: Wild Swimming

IMG_2353I am a lover of coffee table books without a coffee table! When you’re still living with your parents and the extent of your interior design duties is limited to your bedroom there isn’t much cause for a coffee table. One day, however, I will have a coffee table, and when I do, it will be adorned with many an easy-read, picture-heavy tome, for I have already set about collecting them! I thought it might make for a vaguely interesting series on this blog, much like Little Things and Secret Beaches, if I shared some of my favourites with you, starting with Wild Swimming by Daniel Start.

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Reverie Candles

Two od70d13_da6cfeb092f047fba2cfeeeb5cee0a83.jpg_srz_p_476_511_75_22_0.50_1.20_0f my favourite things are the 1990s (my second favourite decade after the 1920s) and that fuzzy feeling of nostalgia you get when you’re reminded of something happy in your childhood.

Indeed, I suppose in this sense, I am lucky in that the 1990s were my childhood, and even luckier that Reverie Candles’ new line of 100% soy wax candle scents are inspired by the 90s with the sole purpose of evoking fond memories of the good old days!

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