Reverie Candles

Two od70d13_da6cfeb092f047fba2cfeeeb5cee0a83.jpg_srz_p_476_511_75_22_0.50_1.20_0f my favourite things are the 1990s (my second favourite decade after the 1920s) and that fuzzy feeling of nostalgia you get when you’re reminded of something happy in your childhood.

Indeed, I suppose in this sense, I am lucky in that the 1990s were my childhood, and even luckier that Reverie Candles’ new line of 100% soy wax candle scents are inspired by the 90s with the sole purpose of evoking fond memories of the good old days!

Reverie’s Dreamcatcher collection is made up of Honeysuckle, Moroccan Musk, and Green Tea and Lemon scents. I like a candle that really stinks. One that when you put it out you can still smell it in the room days later. That’s what a good candle should be like and that’s what Reverie Candles are like.


The whole collection smells sort of sweet and sort of earthy all at the same time and I don’t know quite how it’s been done but this is how the 90s smelled. If you pop on an early series of Friends while you’ve got one burning you’ll feel positively transported…


I have it on good authority (it’s actually my friend’s little business) that soy wax is best all round; it produces less smoke, so not only is it better for the people burning it but also for the environment.


They’re £10 a pop, which isn’t unreasonable for such a product, and have a burning time of around 40 hours, which isn’t half bad either, and makes them totally worth the money.

What with knowing the company director personally and all, I have also had the privilege of sampling the New York Cheesecake and Tomato Leaf scents, in fact, I’ve had a good sniff of all the flavours, and can confirm that they too smell simply divine!


The Instagram is all pretty too and is where i nicked most of the photos on this post from, but you can get all the information you need on the website!


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