Scratch Map

IMG_2343I’m the kind of person who enjoys a significant amount of satisfaction when they complete a to-do list and my ultimate to-do list being all the places I want to travel to, I personally think these Scratch Maps that are everywhere at the moment are great!

The premise is simple. Every time you visit somewhere new you scratch it off on the map and end up with a really aesthetically pleasing journal of everywhere you’ve been, and, if you’re anything like me, every time you scratch off one place it’ll only make you want to visit somewhere else new!


I have the Travel Edition, which I think would be perfect for some lucky bastard doing a round the world trip or something to take with them and scratch as they go. There’s also bits on the back where you can plot your flight path and tick off modes of transport you’ve travelled by.

IMG_2344 IMG_2346

But not being such a person myself, I think I’m going to frame mine and put it on the wall to inspire adventures or, more likely, frustrate me that I can’t go anywhere at the moment!

This is definitely a work-in-progress and as you can see, I haven’t had to opportunity to get too far yet, but I am very much looking forward to scratching off every last bit of this map!


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