The Whitby Deli

11150910_10153263797827272_8466640744742561566_nAfter visiting the abbey or maybe taking a boat trip, if you ask someone who is familiar with it what you should do if you’re visiting Whitby they’ll likely reel off a lengthy list of places you absolutely must eat!

Whitby is a town of fine eateries. From fish and chip shops and Italian restaurants to quaint tea rooms and traditional pubs there’s a bit of everything, but on a recent visit I was rather taken by the pretty cool Whitby Deli, which offers something a bit different.

The interior is very airy and modern and doubles as a deli and cafe. In addition to a little shop selling an extensive selection of locally sourced cheeses, specially brewed beers, fancy cereals, pastas, biscuits, tea, jams, honeys and the like there’s a few seats for you to enjoy some freshly prepared food.

PicMonkey Collage

The menu is varied but not too extensive, which personally I like as I’m indecisive.


I sampled the hummus, avocado and pepper wrap myself, whilst my friend went for the mozzarella, tomato and pesto panini. I’m absolutely obsessed with hummus and although my avocado intake is usually in the form of guacamole I thought the combination was perfection!

It’s not somewhere you can get a Diet Coke and packet of cheese and onions Walker’s crisps. They had fancy pants Folkington’s juices, of which I recommend the pink lemonade, and San Pellegrino, which is all the rage at the moment isn’t it? I also had a packet of parsnip and manuka honey crisps by Leighton Brown, which I appreciate sound horribly pretentious but were actually divine.


If the portions look a little stingy it’s only because we couldn’t wait and had eaten half my meal before I remembered to take a photo!

Of course the best part was undoubtedly dessert.

PicMonkey CollageIn addition to an array of cakes and pastries, they had five flavours of brownie; Malteaser, salted caramel, raspberry, cherry Bakewell, and regular, which did nothing for my indecision, but I eventually decided on the cherry Bakewell one and I did not regret my choice!

So in conclusion, if you’re in the Whitby and tempted to try something a little different I highly recommend The Whitby Deli.


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