Scone Connoisseur

307396_10151416526682272_304288395_nWhen you spend as much time driving through the English countryside as I do it’s inevitable that you’re going to end up living off a diet consisting primarily of scone, jam, and cream.

That’s ‘scone’ as ‘bone’ not ‘scone’ as in… ‘bon’ where I come from, by the way!

It is my firm belief that a scone is best served with raspberry jam and clotted cream, with a hearty pot of tea, though I’m sure everyone has their own preferences.

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Land’s End

10341983_10152614129437272_6864651234622495566_nThere’s something oddly stirring about standing on a cliff top at the very edge of the earth, so to speak. Land’s End is the most south-westerly point of England, and if you visit at sunset, when the throngs of tourists have trickled away for the evening, it is quite magical.

On the drive down everything is the last of it’s kind: ‘the last pub in England’, ‘the last post box in England’ etc. etc., which is quite charming really.

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11133812_10153200155662272_8673298854540317242_nI think AirBnB might be my new favourite thing! For anyone who doesn’t know it’s a collection of really unique places to stay all around the world, whatever your budget, and you can book them all through the site easy as pie! I thought I’d give it a try to book a last minute weekend away over Easter and wasn’t really expecting there to be many options as it’s such a busy time so was amazed to find this shepherd’s hut in Bungay, Suffolk.

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Brighton Pier

photo 2I suppose my favourite kind of beach is the secret kind, but there’s something very jolly and traditional-British-holiday-like about Brighton that I very much enjoy. We arrived at dusk, the perfect time to see the pier in all it’s illuminated glory.

There’s an extensive arcade, sweet shops, those boards you can stick your head through to take a funny photo, and a fun fair!

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Kissing the Blarney Stone

1174633_10151781155242272_559686706_nKissing the Blarney Stone, a fairly nondescript block of limestone built into the battlements of Blarney Castle near Cork in Ireland in 1446, is said to give one ‘the gift of the gab’, that is, fantastic eloquence and the ability to flatter.

In order to reach the stone you must climb through the castle up onto the aforementioned battlements. This would have been quite a feat in itself back in the day but for us it consisted primarily of patient queuing for the best part of an hour. Don’t be disheartened though. Once you reach the top the views are incredible and ultimately you’re about to take part in something unique, so stick with it.

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Punting on the River Cam

10561730_10152614180097272_9148911961111515483_nIf you’re ever in Cambridge then a punting trip on the river Cam is an obvious must!

If you dare you can rent your own punt and have a little cruise, perhaps with champagne and strawberries and cream, darling! We bottled it though at the last minute, mainly out of fear of falling in on what was already a ridiculously wet day for mid-August, and so opted for a guided tour.

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Tombstone Tourism

305902_10151245284192272_592417716_nTaphophile is the technical term for someone who has an appreciation for graveyards, and I consider myself something of a taphophile.

On the surface it perhaps seems a somewhat macabre hobby, but it’s often the story of the person buried there that I find more interesting than anything, and visiting their grave is just an interesting way to remember them.

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