Punting on the River Cam

10561730_10152614180097272_9148911961111515483_nIf you’re ever in Cambridge then a punting trip on the river Cam is an obvious must!

If you dare you can rent your own punt and have a little cruise, perhaps with champagne and strawberries and cream, darling! We bottled it though at the last minute, mainly out of fear of falling in on what was already a ridiculously wet day for mid-August, and so opted for a guided tour.

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The Dead Zoo

tumblr_mrot5z0C5x1rnseozo7_1280The Natural History Museum of Ireland, sometimes called The Dead Zoo, is a branch of the National Museum of Ireland in Dublin which houses around 10,000 taxidermy specimens from around the world, some of which have since gone extinct.

Remaining largely unaltered since it opened in 1857, leading some to call it a ‘museum of a museum’, many of the specimens are faded and display the bullet holes that originally killed the animal.

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The Elephant House


The Elephant House is a small cafe in Edinburgh where J K Rowling sat whilst writing Harry Potter. It has thus become known as “The Birth Place of Harry Potter” and visitors have filled the toilets with fitting tributes. With views of the castle it’s easy to see where Rowling might have got some of her inspiration from, and whilst the cafe itself is lovely and serves some scrumptious food, the best thing by far is definitely the toilets…

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