Scone Connoisseur

307396_10151416526682272_304288395_nWhen you spend as much time driving through the English countryside as I do it’s inevitable that you’re going to end up living off a diet consisting primarily of scone, jam, and cream.

That’s ‘scone’ as ‘bone’ not ‘scone’ as in… ‘bon’ where I come from, by the way!

It is my firm belief that a scone is best served with raspberry jam and clotted cream, with a hearty pot of tea, though I’m sure everyone has their own preferences.

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Hill Top House and The Lake District

10001409_10152360798492272_6685331473520648666_nAbout a year ago we made a semi-spontaneous trip to the Lake District for what would prove to be one the best weekends of my life! I say ‘semi-spontaneous’ because outright spontaneity isn’t really our style. About a week before Easter bank holiday weekend we discovered that we were all going to be free, something that never usually happens, so we thought we’d make the best of it and take a trip somewhere.

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1013935_10151690294707272_2007196711_nDent is the most remarkable of places. We discovered it quite by accident one rainy Spring day in May 2013 and it has become an odd place of pilgrimage for us every year since. That day we were actually visiting Cottingley (of The Cottingley Fairies fame) and then onwards to Dent as a kind of afterthought. I had literally looked on a map the night before and pointed randomly to a place I thought we might at least be able to get a half-decent scone.

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