Tour de Yorkshire

11223653_10153262537307272_1807843232924931560_nI’m probably a bit bias but I love Yorkshire and everything about it, so I was mighty excited when I learnt that, following the success of Yorkshire in providing a scenic backdrop to the Grand Départ in the 2014 Tour de France, it would be holding its very own race, the appropriately titled Tour de Yorkshire, in 2015.

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Coffee Table Collections: Wild Swimming

IMG_2353I am a lover of coffee table books without a coffee table! When you’re still living with your parents and the extent of your interior design duties is limited to your bedroom there isn’t much cause for a coffee table. One day, however, I will have a coffee table, and when I do, it will be adorned with many an easy-read, picture-heavy tome, for I have already set about collecting them! I thought it might make for a vaguely interesting series on this blog, much like Little Things and Secret Beaches, if I shared some of my favourites with you, starting with Wild Swimming by Daniel Start.

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Land’s End

10341983_10152614129437272_6864651234622495566_nThere’s something oddly stirring about standing on a cliff top at the very edge of the earth, so to speak. Land’s End is the most south-westerly point of England, and if you visit at sunset, when the throngs of tourists have trickled away for the evening, it is quite magical.

On the drive down everything is the last of it’s kind: ‘the last pub in England’, ‘the last post box in England’ etc. etc., which is quite charming really.

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11133812_10153200155662272_8673298854540317242_nI think AirBnB might be my new favourite thing! For anyone who doesn’t know it’s a collection of really unique places to stay all around the world, whatever your budget, and you can book them all through the site easy as pie! I thought I’d give it a try to book a last minute weekend away over Easter and wasn’t really expecting there to be many options as it’s such a busy time so was amazed to find this shepherd’s hut in Bungay, Suffolk.

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Everyday Heroes of Postman’s Park

tumblr_mwfd5bcEOo1rnseozo1_1280George Frederic Watts’s Memorial to Self Sacrifice, situated in Postman’s Park, London, contains plaques outlining the details of the heroic deaths of those who gave their lives during attempts to save the life of another. In 1887, the year of Queen Victoria’s jubilee, Watts wrote a letter to The Times in which he argues that “the history of Her Majesty’s reign would gain a lustre were the nation to erect a monument, say, here in London, to record the names of these likely to be forgotten heroes”.

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Wishing Trees

tumblr_mn2bfkVEHM1rnseozo4_1280Wandering the woods, as I am wont to do of an afternoon, the year before last I discovered the felled remains of a wishing tree, that is, a tree with hundreds of coins embedded in its bark.

Found on woodland trails up and down the UK, the curious custom is the result of superstitious passer-bys who hammer the coins into the trunks with rocks, in the belief that it will bring them good fortune.

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