Coffee Table Collections: Wild Swimming

IMG_2353I am a lover of coffee table books without a coffee table! When you’re still living with your parents and the extent of your interior design duties is limited to your bedroom there isn’t much cause for a coffee table. One day, however, I will have a coffee table, and when I do, it will be adorned with many an easy-read, picture-heavy tome, for I have already set about collecting them! I thought it might make for a vaguely interesting series on this blog, much like Little Things and Secret Beaches, if I shared some of my favourites with you, starting with Wild Swimming by Daniel Start.

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Tombstone Tourism

305902_10151245284192272_592417716_nTaphophile is the technical term for someone who has an appreciation for graveyards, and I consider myself something of a taphophile.

On the surface it perhaps seems a somewhat macabre hobby, but it’s often the story of the person buried there that I find more interesting than anything, and visiting their grave is just an interesting way to remember them.

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Hill Top House and The Lake District

10001409_10152360798492272_6685331473520648666_nAbout a year ago we made a semi-spontaneous trip to the Lake District for what would prove to be one the best weekends of my life! I say ‘semi-spontaneous’ because outright spontaneity isn’t really our style. About a week before Easter bank holiday weekend we discovered that we were all going to be free, something that never usually happens, so we thought we’d make the best of it and take a trip somewhere.

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Secret Beach: Hayburn Wyke

 1379499_10153004663007272_6095383637767885849_n ‘Secret Beach’ might become something of a series at Wild Wandering Folk as finding them is a new hobby of ours.

Hayburn Wyke is on the North Yorkshire coast and is easily accessible either by walking along the coastal path (right) or by parking at The Hayburn Wyke Country Inn and trudging through a few fields in a seaward direction until you find the trail.  We visited in winter so there were very few people around, but I get the impression this place is little known and pretty quiet most of the time anyway.

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The Chained Oak


If you’ve ever been to Alton Towers you’ll likely have been on Hex, the nausea-inducing swing ride in the tower itself. The ride is themed around an old legend concerning the Earl of Shrewsbury. It tells how, returning to his home, Alton Towers, by carriage one autumn evening in the 1840s, he was accosted by an elderly woman who appeared suddenly in the road. She begged for a coin but was cruelly dismissed by the Earl, who ordered her off his land.

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