Little Things: Walk Alone


I like being alone. I like being with people too, but being alone is very liberating – not having to worry about other people,┬ápretending the music on your iPod is the soundtrack to your life, organising your thoughts…

I recently found myself with a few hours to spare and spent them wandering aimlessly. I didn’t exactly know where I was, but I wasn’t lost either. I struggle with living in the moment but when, for once, there’s nowhere to be and nothing to do, a walk alone is the perfect way to sort your head, get everything in perspective, and take note of the little things.


Little Things: Whitby’s 199 Steps


Whitby’s 199 steps are world famous and it’s easy to see why. Walking up or down them is a unique experience, especially to see the abbey at the top or the little shops at the bottom. You might recognise them from the scene in Dracula where the eponymous protagonist leaps from the ship and ascends the steps to the abbey in the form of a great black dog.

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Little Things: Sunrise


I’m not a morning person so sunrise isn’t something I’m usually in the mood for, but when you’ve spent a night sat by a campfire listening to Navajo legends and sleeping on the floor of┬áthe desert in the shadow of Monument Valley’s famous monoliths, you’d be a fool not to be up in time to see this.

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