The Whitby Deli

11150910_10153263797827272_8466640744742561566_nAfter visiting the abbey or maybe taking a boat trip, if you ask someone who is familiar with it what you should do if you’re visiting Whitby they’ll likely reel off a lengthy list of places you absolutely must eat!

Whitby is a town of fine eateries. From fish and chip shops and Italian restaurants to quaint tea rooms and traditional pubs there’s a bit of everything, but on a recent visit I was rather taken by the pretty cool Whitby Deli, which offers something a bit different.

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Scone Connoisseur

307396_10151416526682272_304288395_nWhen you spend as much time driving through the English countryside as I do it’s inevitable that you’re going to end up living off a diet consisting primarily of scone, jam, and cream.

That’s ‘scone’ as ‘bone’ not ‘scone’ as in… ‘bon’ where I come from, by the way!

It is my firm belief that a scone is best served with raspberry jam and clotted cream, with a hearty pot of tea, though I’m sure everyone has their own preferences.

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Tombstone Tourism

305902_10151245284192272_592417716_nTaphophile is the technical term for someone who has an appreciation for graveyards, and I consider myself something of a taphophile.

On the surface it perhaps seems a somewhat macabre hobby, but it’s often the story of the person buried there that I find more interesting than anything, and visiting their grave is just an interesting way to remember them.

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Little Things: Whitby’s 199 Steps


Whitby’s 199 steps are world famous and it’s easy to see why. Walking up or down them is a unique experience, especially to see the abbey at the top or the little shops at the bottom. You might recognise them from the scene in Dracula where the eponymous protagonist leaps from the ship and ascends the steps to the abbey in the form of a great black dog.

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Wishing Trees

tumblr_mn2bfkVEHM1rnseozo4_1280Wandering the woods, as I am wont to do of an afternoon, the year before last I discovered the felled remains of a wishing tree, that is, a tree with hundreds of coins embedded in its bark.

Found on woodland trails up and down the UK, the curious custom is the result of superstitious passer-bys who hammer the coins into the trunks with rocks, in the belief that it will bring them good fortune.

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The Forbidden Corner

tumblr_mox0dkwcZe1s5gbi1o2_1280The Forbidden Corner is one of the most weirdly wonderful places I have ever had the pleasure of visiting. Hidden in the Yorkshire Dales, it’s the most difficult place to describe, so I’m going to lift a quote from their website, which I think sums it up as best as it can be summed up: “a unique labyrinth of tunnels, chambers, follies and surprises.”

It’s bizarre. After you’ve parked and sorted your tickets out (entrance is by reservation only), you exit the visitor centre onto a gravel path where this Ent-like figure above points the way.

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Brimham Rocks


We visited Brimham Rocks in February 2014. It was cold, damp, and overcast, but that didn’t detract from how bizarrely beautiful they are, in fact, if anything, it added something quite dramatic to the landscape. Water, wind and glaciers have eroded the rocks into seemingly gravity defying shapes, have carved narrow alleys between them, and have cracked fissures through them that go metres deep.

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