11133812_10153200155662272_8673298854540317242_nI think AirBnB might be my new favourite thing! For anyone who doesn’t know it’s a collection of really unique places to stay all around the world, whatever your budget, and you can book them all through the site easy as pie! I thought I’d give it a try to book a last minute weekend away over Easter and wasn’t really expecting there to be many options as it’s such a busy time so was amazed to find this shepherd’s hut in Bungay, Suffolk.

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Punting on the River Cam

10561730_10152614180097272_9148911961111515483_nIf you’re ever in Cambridge then a punting trip on the river Cam is an obvious must!

If you dare you can rent your own punt and have a little cruise, perhaps with champagne and strawberries and cream, darling! We bottled it though at the last minute, mainly out of fear of falling in on what was already a ridiculously wet day for mid-August, and so opted for a guided tour.

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