Wishing Trees

tumblr_mn2bfkVEHM1rnseozo4_1280Wandering the woods, as I am wont to do of an afternoon, the year before last I discovered the felled remains of a wishing tree, that is, a tree with hundreds of coins embedded in its bark.

Found on woodland trails up and down the UK, the curious custom is the result of superstitious passer-bys who hammer the coins into the trunks with rocks, in the belief that it will bring them good fortune.

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The Elephant House


The Elephant House is a small cafe in Edinburgh where J K Rowling sat whilst writing Harry Potter. It has thus become known as “The Birth Place of Harry Potter” and visitors have filled the toilets with fitting tributes. With views of the castle it’s easy to see where Rowling might have got some of her inspiration from, and whilst the cafe itself is lovely and serves some scrumptious food, the best thing by far is definitely the toilets…

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